BNS Management Information System

Business Navigation System – BNS is an expert in company-wide financial planning and management with business intelligence support.

The BNS management information system easily analyses the current situation and allows you to set the best path to reach your goals. That’s because making better and faster decisions means operating more efficiently, increasing competitiveness and being successful. The system brings comprehensive planning for all areas of a company and thus significantly improves management efficiency. BNS is a robust system suitable for all common sectors of industry and commerce. It is mainly used by controlling and management.

Of course, it is easy to connect to all available ERP systems (SAP, QAD, IFS, Dynamics 365, ABRA, Flores, etc.), making BNS their powerful superstructure. The modular concept and customization enables the system to be developed as required. BNS is based on the concept of Business Navigation, which works as a single interconnected whole and translates all changes into related areas.

BNS premium features and functions:


Advanced planning tools.


Data analysis across different dimensions.


Configurable user dashboards.


Fully configurable for the needs of medium and larger companies.


Specialization in corporate performance management, planning and controlling.


Easily create plans, consolidations and budgets even with complex corporate structures.


Replace inefficient Excel spreadsheets.


Modular development of the system based on the company's needs.


Seamless connectivity with all common ERP systems.

The Business Navigation concept connects key processes

BNS is based on the concept of Business Navigation, which integrates planning and analytical processes with the core business of the company. This connection allows you to monitor the continuous development of the market and its impact on the set objectives. Automatically designed solutions, modelling, plan changes and simulations of their impact make it easy to react flexibly.

The unique and proven concept of Business Navigation is based on the comprehensive nature of the solution, but above all on modelling the future. The essence is the functional interconnection of all key processes into one functioning unit to provide information for managerial decision-making on both strategic and tactical horizons.
The model uses tools to support change management (Balanced Scorecard or Strategic Projects) and at the same time
connects the main business process areas – sales, production, finance and resources. It evaluates planned deviations vs. actual results (controlling) and analyses them.

It is also equipped with the means to identify risks so that management can be alerted in time in the event of a threat. Continuous planning allows for ongoing updates to refine expected results.

Four key areas of managerial leadership

Performance management itself is divided into four functional areas, but these remain interlinked so that the flow of information is not interrupted and continuity is maintained.

Sales performance

Sales performance focuses on the processes of market evaluation of performance that has been obtained through production or purchase. Continuous and variant sales plans enable the elimination of risks. Sales can be actively analysed, planned and managed. BNS makes sales management transparent, providing better visibility into customer creditworthiness and sales channel efficiency. The Sales Performance module is an important support especially for top management, sales directors and controlling staff.

List of active modules:

Cost and profitability performance

Allows you to quickly examine the profitability of products, goods or services. The proposed costing system allows for the differentiation of fixed and variable costs, which significantly increases the predictive power of the calculation. The individual modules ensure clear, flexible and, above all, continuous control of deviations. At the same time, it offers a way forward, i.e. the aim is to address the present and provide a view of the future. Key insights are provided by break-even point (BEP) analysis, customer profitability, forecasting, etc. Users can actively enter the planning process at any time and reflect changes made to individual indicators up to the HV level.

Financial performance

Supporting the identification and management of the influences that affect profit and loss, balance sheet items and cash flow is the main objective of the Financial Performance of Business. With BNS, you can react quickly to any events which could lead to undesirable changes in the costs of production. You can also get an overview of deviations and their impact on the company’s financial results at any time during the company’s processes. This functional area of the Business Navigation System (BNS) solution facilitates the work of finance directors or managers.

Resources and potentials

The need for effective capacity management in the areas of production, purchasing, inventory, transport and human resources is a direct challenge to the implementation of Resources and Potentials performance. This superior functional area of the Business Navigation System (BNS) solution optimizes resource utilization in relation to performance. Thanks to BNS, it is easy to determine production and purchasing requirements taking into account the resources and actual needs for a specific product, to design optimal inventories in all storage locations, to have a truly detailed overview of the costs that most burden the company’s core business, etc.

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Read the latest news from financial planning and BI data processing, as well as invitations to interesting events and webinars. We will send you inspiring content a maximum of 4 times a year.

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