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How it was

LINEA NIVNICE is located at the foothills of the beautiful White Carpathian Mountains in the region of Dolňácko. It has used its advantageous location right on the Czech-Slovak border for more than 60 years to supply both republics. The ability to compete in the beverage industry over the long term depends not only on product quality, price and market knowledge, but increasingly on the ability to provide sufficient information for reliable operational management.

LINEA NIVNICE, a.s., is a 100% Czech-owned company and one of the largest domestic producers of fruit juices, drinks, fruit wines, snacks and syrups represented by its own HELLO brand. It also has a great tradition in the production of spirits. The first liqueur was produced here in 1946. In almost every area of its interest, it is a market leader on the Czech and Slovak markets.



things worked
before BNS

Despite the use of internal insights, our company was “blind” to KPIs and getting the right KPIs was time consuming. For management purposes, important performance indicators and correct planning processes to reflect changes in KPIs in the economic earnings were missing. There was a significant volume of deliveries to customers, particularly to retail chains, for which it was not possible to assess the economic benefits simply, accurately, quickly and reliably.


- a turn for the better

Our cooperation with INEKON SYSTEMS started with the Navigation workshop, where we and the company management wanted to first clarify the target concept of the management system. That’s why we chose this two-day intensive workshop as the first step to improve our business management methodology, refine our costing and better allocate costs to customers. An important theme was to fundamentally improve the overview of the cost and revenue structure per partner as well as per product and product group.



We were looking for a tool that would allow us to react quickly to changes and forecast sales results flexibly. The consultants from INEKON SYSTEMS proved to be specialists in this area thanks to the established Business Navigation concept, which links the process of creating and modeling the plan with the control over the achieved results. The elaborated Navigation concept contained the exact assignment and solution of the management system, including the schedule. The entire implementation process took no more than four months from the time the assignment was approved.


Lightning - fast

Our BNS business management solution enables us to increase the flexibility of management decision-making in the face of rapid market developments. We see this prebuilt industry solution for the food industry as a great management tool offering a comprehensive methodology with clear analytical and planning procedures. At the same time, the company’s key competency areas are linked together, so we are able to quickly translate changes in the plan or sales outlook into, for example, variable costs or the company’s earnings. This helps us to analyse the market situation faster and make the right decisions.

LINEA NIVNICE - p. Slanicay

Ing. Gabriel Slanicay

Managing Director

“The Business Navigation System allows us to plan for the entire company, from sales performance to costing to finance, in such a way that it has become a routine and time-saving part of everyday work. BNS is a tool that enables a very accurate allocation of costs to products and customers. Thanks to this, we have gained appropriate and invaluable confidence in difficult price negotiations with foreign retail chains. For us, BNS support means time savings for all staff involved and better navigation for management decision-making. The goal of the future direction of our company is to develop an active business policy and consolidate our position as the largest producer of fruit juices on the domestic market.”

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Read the latest news from financial planning and BI data processing, as well as invitations to interesting events and webinars. We will send you inspiring content a maximum of 4 times a year.

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