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How it was

Madeta has a long history of cooperation with INEKON SYSTEMS. Hand in hand, they go through history together, marked by successes, product expansion and new opportunities. BNS has been in Madeta since the very beginning of INEKON SYSTEMS. Even then, it was able to combine the process of creating and modeling the plan with analyses of the achieved results, enabling flexible reactions to changes inside the company and around it, and even able to simulate the impact of managerial decisions on the economic result.

Madeta, which still holds the position of the largest food company in the Czech Republic specializing in the production of dairy products, introduced the individual BNS modules step by step, based on a navigation concept. Even today, sales performance remains the most widespread area BNS helps Madeta with. It also plays an increasingly important role in the areas of calculations, cash-flow, purchasing, transport and reporting. BNS was the first to upgrade to BNS 4.0, a version that linked the desktop and web versions of the system, in the spring of 2019.



Data like
on a golden platter

BNS provides data on the past and present, different versions of the plan or operational outlooks across functional areas. And it does this almost instantly, in different aggregation options, in different hierarchies, nicely visualized and at the same time with the ability of displaying such data in quite a lot of detail. Thanks to the accurate and easily accessible information, managers can make quick decisions and the company can grow.


Everyone understands the dashboards

More and more people are switching from traditional spreadsheets to the visually friendly dashboards. They provide clear and illustrative information for everyone. You can view these in quite a lot of detail and be guided to places that are important and need to be addressed, or even pose problems for immediate resolution. The operation of the dashboards is so intuitive that anyone can handle it.


Confidence in the forward view

Short-term cash-flow has become a second memory in which all planned income and expenses are stored. It allows you to see the expected development in different currencies over the next 30 days, giving the company the advantage of reassurance for the near term. In addition, it contains receivables and payables, which lets the responsible staff keep an eye on the current payment morale of customers or payment schedules.


BNS development within the company

BNS is a system that is developed and evolves together with the company that uses it. There is no need to address its creators for everything. Many adjustments or operational difficulties can be handled by controlling staff on their own. And as for the need for further development? INEKON SYSTEMS usually already has a solution from similar projects and is able to adapt it very quickly to the company’s requirements.

Michal Chládek, ekonomický ředitel a člen představenstva MADETA, a. s.

Michal Chládek

Economic Director
and Member of the Board of Directors
of MADETA, a. s.

BNS has been at Madeta for so long that we all consider it a standard. I can’t imagine being without the possibilities it provides. Without them, the company could not develop as it does now. I also consider the professionalism, friendly approach and stability of the INEKON SYSTEMS team to be important. The people who take care of us are usually with us from the very beginning, they are aware of what they have introduced and participate in various other development activities.
I also very much appreciate the fact that we can use INEKON SYSTEMS know-how from various projects involving similar solutions. Another advantage is the linking of companies in the same industry and the initiation of their meetings for mutual consultations and transfers of experience.

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Read the latest news from financial planning and BI data processing, as well as invitations to interesting events and webinars. We will send you inspiring content a maximum of 4 times a year.

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